My name is Meryl and I have a confession:  I love computers.  Not in a truly geeky way, but because they let you do such great things.  And I love sharing my enthusiasm and knowledge with others so that they can learn to love, or at least appreciate, them too.

DSC_0033_edited-3 less brightI was lucky enough to start working with computers early on in my career, learning how they work from the ground up in the company of like-minded people with whom I could share my learning.  This gave me a really solid understanding that I built on over the years, moving from low-level programming in machine code to designing large applications that really helped people do their jobs better and were easy to use.  I’ve always been more interested in how people use computers than in the wonders of bits and bytes, and my work evolved to reflect this, encompassing initial discussions with customers about their requirements for new software, through development and on to installation, training and ongoing support.

I’ve been helping people to use computers for a long time, at work and home, and in 2010 I decided to become a personal computer tutor.  This decision was inspired by my mother who commented how much easier I was to understand than the support man she had always used.  She has been a star pupil, progressing from nervous beginner with Windows XP to the recent proud owner of a newly-updated Windows 10 laptop and iPad.  If she can do it, so can you!

Becoming a computer tutor was a great decision for me.  I meet lovely people with a desire to learn (and their cats and dogs too if I’m lucky), every day brings something new and I enjoy the challenges and opportunities that new technology brings to us all.

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