I provide lessons on your own computer or device, in the comfort of your home or workplace. Usually these are one-to-one but I am happy to teach two people together if that would work better for you.

Lessons last for a minimum of 1 hour, but can be longer if you prefer.

I encourage you to write notes as we go along, and I will often provide follow-up notes on the areas we cover, to use as a reminder and reference.  As with lessons of all kinds, the more you practice, the more quickly you’ll improve.  It’s also really helpful to write down reminders and questions as they occur to you, ahead of your lesson .

The most popular areas I cover include:

The basics

jigsaw piece

  • turn on and off, when and how to shutdown or just ‘sleep’
  • find your way around the home screen or desktop
  • how to work with windows, buttons, menus, boxes, the keyboard
  • personalise your computer or tablet for you and what you want to do most often
  • get organised, understand files and folders

Using the Internet

  • search for anything and everything
  • research holidays, history, hobbies
  • on-line shopping and booking
  • buy & sell on eBay and other online shops, Paypal
  • get access to useful services – banking, utility companies, government sites, libraries

Staying in touch

  • setup a new email account
  • send and receive emails
  • include pictures, documents etc with your emails
  • make video calls using Skype or Facetime
  • use Facebook and Twitter


turquoise camera

  • get pictures off your camera and onto your computer
  • organise your photos
  • edit photos to improve them
  • print and share



  • download and listen to music
  • catch up on television and radio
  • read books, watch videos

Office skills

word icon

  • use Word to write letters, minutes and articles; design posters and invitations
  • manage your finances, lists etc with Excel
  • create presentations using Powerpoint
  • use Publisher to write newsletters or brochures

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