Mr A of Sutton Courtenay
“Like your style! As a regular punter, ones eyes can so easily glaze over and brain turn to jelly when faced with ‘IT’ stuff, but you cracked on through my list fearlessly and attacked the problems with a commonsense yet knowledgeable approach, explaining just enough but without drowning us in ‘geek speak’.  I’d be happy to call on your services again if available.”

Mrs I of Steventon
“There is no need to be frightened of your computer. Learning with Meryl is fun, and is made easy – even for someone like me who is the wrong generation, and has no natural feel for things electronic.  Pupils work and learn at their own pace, and are given lesson notes for reference and revision.  I recommend her unreservedly.”

Mrs G of Abingdon (age 87)
“I have had a very enlightening course in computing with Meryl, only having had the basics to begin with.  She was very clear in her explanations with much patience.   The notes she left with me were precise and have been helpful.”

Mr T of Sutton Courtenay (writer)
“A man who thought he had reached the frontiers of modern science mastering the telephone and the typewriter can only express awe at the way Meryl explains the mysteries of computers for the illiterate, not once but over and over – in a way no child would deign to do. Her talent glistens.”

Mr H working in Didcot
“After reading the Steventon News I saw a lady that did computer lessons. I had a chance of a job but needed to use a computer. I have never used one before. On ringing Meryl I had 5 one hour lessons. At the end of the lessons I was happy to do emails plus all computer work. I have been taken on full time now. Without Meryl’s computer skills I would not have got the job. Thanks Meryl.”

Mrs D of Marcham
Meryl is my computer tutor. I found it very difficult to understand the computer and then a friend told me about Meryl.  With her patience and kindness she has helped me to understand my computer – still learning.  Meryl is a friendly kind tutor and I always look forward to my tuition with her.  Thank you Meryl.”

Mr & Mrs T of Steventon
“Meryl is reassuring in her approach, building up confidence in the PC user, and can provide solutions to specific problems encountered by the customer. Technical jargon is avoided, thus eliminating confusion, and resolutions to emergencies are only an e-mail or phone call away.”

Mr B, organiser of IT mornings in the local village hall
“Thank you for your contribution on Tuesdays; you make it fun as well as informative.”

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